What Hotel Council Aotearoa Stands For

HCA is the only stand-alone organisation dedicated to serving the best interests of all those within the hotel sector.

During COVID-19 we listened to what the hotel sector viewed as stumbling blocks in its effective representation to decision makers and influencers. We needed a new approach which brought all those within the hotel sector together. Hotel Council Aotearoa (HCA) is in unified organisation, established following nationwide consultation where we listened to the views of those within our industry, and acted on them.

Despite past efforts and structures, decision-makers, influencers and relevant public bodies are largely unaware of, or unsympathetic to, our Hotel sector’s unique challenges and pressing issues. As a result, the New Zealand hotel industry is suffering from poor policymaking and regulatory neglect.

HCA’s goal is to significantly shift that by championing strategic rather than reactive policy through an intellectually robust, collaborative and mission-focused approach.

Why Join HCA

Hotel Council Aotearoa (HCA) is focused on promoting, protecting and furthering the best interests of New Zealand’s hotel sector.

We have developed a clear and compelling strategy to bring about positive change to the New Zealand hotel industry.

We represent our members by:

  • Being recognised as the pre-eminent national body in New Zealand for the hotel sector
  • Promoting activities and policy settings that support the long-term profitability and economic sustainability of the New Zealand hotel sector
  • Advocating on, and raising awareness of, critical issues affecting hotel ownership, development, funding, management and operations;
  • Advocating on, and raising awareness of, critical issues affecting tourism generally in New Zealand, including destination marketing, visitor spend, productivity, environmental sustainability and tourism infrastructure spending;
  • Supporting and assisting its Members to enhance the standing and performance of the hotel sector in New Zealand;
  • Influencing hotel sector-related policy and regulatory outcomes through advocacy, submissions to and engagement with local and central government;
  • Facilitating opportunities for hotel owners, investors, managers, employees, stakeholders and other hotel sector supporters to network, meet, collaborate and upskill;
  • Aligning with other industry bodies and tourism industry stakeholders in matters of common interest


As we reshaping the future of our tourism industry, strong central and local government representation for the hotel sector is crucial, as is ongoing engagement with key stakeholders.

Our priorities over the next 12-18 months are to:

  • Actively grow our membership: We welcome all hotels and hoteliers who share our vision. HCA now speaks on behalf of 140 New Zealand hotels comprising more than 15,800 guest rooms, or approximately 5.7 million room nights per annum. These hotels are big and small including some of the largest brands and hotel groupings in the country. Membership is anticipated to grow even further in coming months. We have more than enough support to “survive”, but our mission is to do much more than that. We aim to reach out to all Kiwi hotels, even those who have never previously joined an industry body. Our house will be stronger if we build it together.
  • Consult on advocacy priorities: We continue to consult with members on our advocacy priorities and manifesto. We will explore and pursue collaboration with other industry bodies who accept HCA’s goal of speaking for New Zealand’s hotels.
  • Create a Code of Ethics: We continue to work with members to create a meaningful and relevant Code of Ethics.
  • Launch interactive website Our HCA website will evolve to facilitate user-generated content and real-time commentary on current issues; an online space for our members to actively engage with each other.
  • Commission a comprehensive annual membership survey: We will commission a comprehensive annual membership performance survey. The survey will be designed to generate useful and actionable insights, both in support of our advocacy efforts and to assist general managers in driving improvement at their own properties.
  • Conduct regular pulse surveys: With an active and engaged membership, we will carry out periodic one-issue pulse surveys to provide immediate feedback on key events affecting our industry. Results will be shared with members and used to support our advocacy efforts.
  • Facilitate national hotels conference: We intend to take a leadership role in a national hotel conference in 2021. That conference will allow hoteliers to meet and engage with each other and key industry stakeholders. The conference will also generate funds to assist us in our advocacy work.
  • Facilitate regional and online networking: As membership scales further, we will facilitate regional networks and regular meetings throughout New Zealand, both physical and virtual (online) meet ups. As with everything we do, these meetings will focus on key issues affecting hotels, rather than broader tourism industry concerns. We will call on topic experts (both locally and overseas) to upskill us all on matters of interest to hoteliers.

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