What Hotel Council Aotearoa Stands For

HCA is dedicated to serving the best interests of the hotel sector.

We represent 145 New Zealand hotels, together comprising 19,000 guest rooms (or 6,935,000 available room nights per annum).

Why Join HCA

Hotel Council Aotearoa (HCA) is focused on promoting, protecting and furthering the best interests of New Zealand’s hotel sector.

We have developed a clear and compelling strategy to bring about positive change to the New Zealand hotel industry.

We represent our members by:

  • Being recognised as the pre-eminent national body in New Zealand for the hotel sector
  • Promoting activities and policy settings that support the long-term profitability and economic sustainability of the New Zealand hotel sector
  • Advocating on, and raising awareness of, critical issues affecting hotel ownership, development, funding, management and operations;
  • Advocating on, and raising awareness of, critical issues affecting tourism generally in New Zealand, including destination marketing, visitor spend, productivity, environmental sustainability and tourism infrastructure spending;
  • Supporting and assisting our members to enhance the standing and performance of the hotel sector in New Zealand;
  • Influencing hotel sector-related policy and regulatory outcomes through advocacy, submissions to and engagement with local and central government;
  • Facilitating opportunities for hotel owners, investors, managers, employees, stakeholders and other hotel sector supporters to network, meet, collaborate and upskill;
  • Aligning with other industry bodies and tourism industry stakeholders in matters of common interest

Advocacy & Industry Good

New Zealand must reimagine and reform how the tourism industry is funded.  At present, central government collects GST on all tourist expenditure throughout New Zealand, but local authorities are left to rely on property-based rating mechanisms to fund tourism-connected infrastructure.

HCA has consistently called for industry, central government, local government other key tourism stakeholders to work on agreeing principles for a fair, reasonable and nationally-endorsed funding model for the tourism economy that draws upon international best-practice and robust research.  New funding mechanisms are not off the table, if done right.  Solving this long-standing problem through genuine consultation and collaboration on reasonable timeframes would be best way to sustainably grow the tourism industry in New Zealand while maintaining social license.

HCA is co-host of AHICE Aotearoa, a two-day annual conference and exhibition for hotel sector owners, investors and suppliers.

HCA commissions Fresh Info to prepare an annual operating survey of New Zealand hotels.  From 2024 onwards, this annual operating survey will include energy usage measures created in collaboration with the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority.  Over time, this data is anticipated to help hotels work towards decarbonising their businesses and reducing energy costs.

HCA is an industry association member of Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA), which represents all sectors of New Zealand’s wider tourism industry.  HCA Strategic Director James Doolan is an elected board member of TIA.  HCA is also a member of BusinessNZ.